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Mame's Beauty Supplies and African Hair Braiding

Mame welcomes you at the Mame's Beauty Supplies and African Hair Braiding,

It is our great pleasure to serve you and share with you a tradition and a way of life.

The hairstyles are one of the most intimate visual expressions of a heritage that is deeply rooted in African traditions both in the social hierarchy, beauty, widowhood, marriage, war, sex.

Hair texture, which allows all sorts of interventions, makes the most varied hair and most complex ornaments.

Mats and braids are styling techniques primarily from African cultures. From antiquity to the present, the art of hairdressing in black Africa has been passed from generation to generation, usually from mother to daughter.

The mats or braids are a capping technique which involves interlacing strands of larger or smaller thickness. There was a time when African women, far from hating their frizzy hair, were the hairstyle an exercise in style and very often a work of art. In the natural state of hair African type have the characteristic of being "carved" or processed so elaborate as they easily retain the given shape. Woolly and dense texture of our hair inspired us, pushed us to excel in creativity and aesthetic sophistication

Mame's African Hair Braiding
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Mame | Beauty Supplies and African Hair Braiding, Tacoma, WA

Weaves, Wash & Blow Dry, Sew-In Weaves, Full Weaves, Invisible Part, Mircro braids, Kinky twists, Tree braids, Crochet, Dreadlocks extensions, Weaves. Lacing, Cornrows, Senegalese twists, Ghana braids, Natural hair, Box braids, Invincible braids.

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